How do I follow people and add friends?

You follow people by pressing the rings by their names or on their photos. If they are private accounts, you won’t be able to see the rings on their photos but you can still request to follow them by adding them through your contacts or searching for them in the “Me Section”. To be friends with someone, you must follow them and they must follow you.

What do the blue rings and blue dots mean?

The rings show the relationship between you and another user. When you press the rings on a public account, you will automatically follow them and the left ring will turn blue. If you press the rings on a private account the left ring will be dotted blue. This means that you have requested to follow them and must wait until they accept your request. Once they accept, the ring will turn solid blue and you will be following them. If the ring on the right is blue, it means they are following you. If you both follow each other, then the rings will turn into a solid blue dot and you will be friends.

What if I accidentally unlinked a friend?

No worries, just tap the rings again.

Is Timebot available on Android?

Not yet but it’s coming soon.

What does it mean when the name of the people in my group are green?

Green means there is an unread message in that group.


What is Time Travel?

Time Travel allows everyone to record the world together. Everywhere you go, you will be able to take photos and videos that will live where you took them. Like traditional news feeds, people can see your posts in chronological order throughout the day. However, unique just to Timebot, anyone that visits that location can also see your post by using the filters to go back in time right where they are standing. All posts from around the world are organized so everyone can use filters to easily look in the past based on specific time and location, just like a time machine.

How is Time Travel different?

Unlike Traditional social media feeds, Time Travel focuses less on individuals and more on everyone as a whole. While you are taking photos and videos to capture your own life, you are also joining all users in recording the whole world. On Time Travel, all photos are visible which gives a much better view of the what’s going on around the world. No matter who you are or how many followers you have, your photos and videos are just as important as anyone else’s. They are all part of the same global photo album.

How does Time Travel work?

Every time you post a photo or video with Time Travel, it will live where you took it. Your post becomes part of the story of that specific location. So when you, your friends, or anyone else is in the same location, they can look back in time and see it or they can take their own photos and videos to add to the story.

How do I travel back in time?

Whenever you want to look back in time all you have to do is change the filters to choose what you want to see. On the left side you can choose whose posts you want to see, and on the right side, you can choose to see posts based on the distance from where you are standing. You can then go forward and backwards through time by swiping or using the slider at the bottom of the screen.

Who can see my Time Travel posts?

Everyone can see your posts. To protect your privacy, only your followers in the app can see your name above your posts. To everyone else, it’s just time.

Why can everyone see my posts?

The reason is so that when you look back in time, you have the option to see as much and as far back in time as possible. The point of Time Travel is to be able to see the story of Time. In many places, there will not be any posts from you or your friends. By being able to see everyone’s posts, you will be able to look back in time much further and much more often.

Can I block any photos from a certain user?

Not yet, but in the future we will be adding the ability to hide posts in certain locations and from certain people. We will keep you updated on this feature.

Why do I see nothing with certain filters?

In many places, based on your filters, no one has recorded time yet. This gives you the opportunity to be the first! For example, in certain places there may be times when you or anyone you follow have not posted anything, so when the filter is on “Following” or “Just Me” nothing will show up. However, if you change the filter to “Everyone” there may be posts from other people. The same may be true for distances. Maybe no one posted anything within “10 meters” of where you’re standing, but maybe if you change filter to “50 meters” or more, there maybe posts.

Why do I sometimes see posts at "10 meters" and sometimes I don't?

GPS has its limits, and although it is very accurate at certain locations, sometimes it is a little off. When you are indoors especially, gps tends to not always be exact. If you are missing posts you want to see, if you change the filter to “50 meters” you will almost certainly find what you are looking for.

Why do Time Travel posts sometimes take a while to load?

Just like any app, sometimes the connection with your phone and the server isn’t perfect. Occasionally this will mean longer loading times. It may help if you close the app and try again.

Why can't I take photos or videos even when Time Travel doesn't load?

The idea of Time Travel is to record Time as best and as exact as possible. When you have a bad connection and Time Travel can’t load, that also means we don’t have your location. Because of this, the app wouldn’t be able to organize your post correctly, so we don’t allow you to post to Time Travel.

What's next for Time Travel?

There’s a lot more to come! As we continue to build out Time Travel, we will be adding more ways to record and navigate time. Some of these features will include a search, a map to navigate the world, more unique ways to capture time, and a few top secret functions that we can’t wait to show you!


How do I send a Timed Message or TimeSync?
If you haven’t started a conversation with that friend, or those friends, tap the + at the top right of the main screen and select Message or Sync.
Can I change the time or message of a Timed Message before it’s delivered?
Sure, just do a long press on the orange timed and date stamp above the message to change the time. To change the message itself, long press on the message.
When will a Timed Message be delivered/received if there is no service or the phone is off?
If there is no service, or a user’s phone is off at the time of delivery, then the message will be delivered as soon as the user comes back online.
Will my undelivered messages still be delivered/received if I delete the app?
Yes, we save all undelivered messages so they will still be delivered on time.
Will my messages really be delivered in 100 years?
We’re committing that our great great grandchildren will be here to deliver your messages. Here’s to modern technology!


What is a Private TimeSync?

A TimeSync is private when it takes place in a group chat. Only group members will be able to participate and view the TimeSync. With TimeSync, you take pictures simultaneously with your friends and family no matter where you are in the world. Timebot automatically creates a collage with all of them. You can sync with 2 to 9 people. If there are 10 or more people in the group, the sync will be limited to the first 9 people who opt in. And, nope, you can’t sync alone.

How does TimeSync work?

Once someone initiates a TimeSync, everyone who was invited has 30 seconds to join. After the 30 seconds are up — or all members have made a choice of whether or not to join — you’ll automatically be moved to the next screen where you will be given another 10-second countdown while you prepare for the picture to be taken. When the countdown is over, we’ll take a picture on everyone’s phones simultaneously. After the picture is taken, everyone will be given 10 seconds to decide if they want to use the photo in the final collage. Timebot will then create a collage of all the members that approved their photo and add it to the group chat for everyone to view, discuss and share.

Can I use the rear camera for a TimeSync?
Yes, just click the camera rotate button at the top right during the 10-second countdown.
Why do some of my pics not show up in the Sync collage, and why do I miss notifications sometimes?

Just like every other app, sometimes there are connectivity issues. Usually on other apps, if something doesn’t load right away, no one else can see it didn’t post and you can load it again later. With TimeSync, there is no uploading, the image has to load immediately. Because of this, occasionally, if there is a bad connection, the image won’t load and it will be left blank.

The same goes for notifications. Notifications don’t always come immediately. In the case of TimeSync, since you only have 30 seconds to join the sync, if your connection is out for the notification, it may cause you to miss the whole sync.

We will continue to make Timebot as smooth as possible so these connection issues happen as little as possible.

Can I share my Sync collages on social media?
Yes, by all means! We’d love that! Tap the Share button on the left side of the Sync collage.


What is WorldSync?

WorldSync is a when users from around the world share a moment together by taking a picture simultaneously. People can then use our filters to see what their friends, family or users all over the world are doing.

How Does WorldSync Work?

Once WorldSync begins, everyone has 45 seconds to join. After the 45 seconds are up you’ll automatically be moved to the next screen where you will be given another 10-second countdown while you prepare for the picture to be taken. When the countdown is over, we’ll take a picture on everyone’s phones simultaneously. After the picture is taken, everyone will be given another 10 seconds to decide if they want to post their photo. Timebot will then add their photo to the flow for everyone to view and comment.

How do I join a WorldSync?

WorldSyncs happen 2 times a day. You can join the next one at the top of the screen under the WorldSync title. To join another time,  press the “Join” button at the top right of the main WorldSync Screen.

Who can see my WorldSync pics?

All the pictures taken during a WorldSync can be viewed by everyone. To protect your privacy, only users that you are following you will be able to see your name above your picture.

Other than being public, are there any other differences between private TimeSyncs and WorldSync?

Private TimeSyncs are sent to your group chat as a collage while WorldSync display for everyone in a flow. Pictures in both can be enlarged and you can tap or swipe through them. When a Private TimeSync starts, the drop down menu is orange. When a WorldSync starts, the alert is blue.

What's next for WorldSync?

Were just getting started! Were going to be adding a lot more features to WorldSync to make it much more exciting than it already is. We will soon be adding captions, photo filters, and a few secret features that have never been done before! Keep a lookout for our updates.